Now Open!

The vision of Endo Cannabis Centers’ founders was clear from the beginning: Create a unique, inviting, and community-centric marijuana retail store that makes a difference for the greater Adrian area. And, while navigating a pandemic and supply chain shortages added challenges, obstacles, and delays, the end result is very impressive.

Investing in Our Community

Endo is locally owned and operated by lifelong Adrian residents who embrace a community-centric philosophy of giving back and helping others. They explain the Endo Mission as follows: “We think local. We invest locally. We hire locally. And in the coming months, you’ll see us actively sponsoring a series of local community service projects and educational events.”

Grower-Direct Premium Products

“What I really want people to know,” said Endo Supply Chain Manager Kris Paul, who oversees all product development and acquisition, “is that we grow and produce our own premium line of Endo Cannabis flower, bringing clients a level of quality that can’t be found anywhere else. We are very proud to provide this quality and value at grower-direct prices. Of course, we also carry an extensive selection of popular and established brands.”

Experience the Endo Vibe

Endo CC invites cannabis clients to experience the Endo Vibe, where we pledge to:

By law, you are required to be above the age of 21 to enter this site.