Introducing Endo Prime!

We are very excited to introduce Endo Prime, our in-house brand of cultivated flower strains.  Our vision was to grow the best crops possible to provide a strong, clean, and tasty line of products for our loyal Endo Enthusiasts. After several years of planning, construction, and preparation, we are proud to announce that we have exceeded our expectations and are now offering a collection of strains that is truly world-class! 

Endo Prime Strains

We are true enthusiasts and look forward to bringing you a great selection of Endo Prime strains in the coming years.  Our debut selection features the following strains:

What makes our flower so good?

We’re glad you asked!

Read our lab report on the Terpenes found in each of our Endo Prime strains. 


Our Endo Prime strains regularly test in the top ranges for potency.  For many customers, this means you can consume less, giving you more value for your money.  That’s Endo Strong!  Our high THC ratings are just one part of the Prime story though. 


Our Endo Prime strains boast strong terpene levels, including Limonene and Linalool, that are key to providing great tasting flower and work with the THC to create a smoother overall effect. Our recently harvested Endo Prime strains boast a dozen or more distinct terpenes. Ask our Endo Experts for more information on each specific Prime strain.


Lab testing consistently rates our flower as being extraordinarily clean.  What does that mean?  All crops can pick up various contaminants during their planting, growth, and harvesting.  We have gone to great lengths to reduce the possibility of that happening in our grow facility.  The result is that no contaminants or foreign matter have been detected in our strains.  Not many grow facilities can say that.  Some actually must treat or re-mediate their flower and have it re-tested before it’s approved for sale.  With Endo Prime, you won’t have that concern.  We believe our customers are just like us and want to consume the cleanest flower possible.  That is exactly what we deliver with Endo Prime. And, it’s why we publish our test results, so you can be confident of the quality of flower you are buying. 

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